Wonder Wand

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New to a bizarre, but familiar world, you take control of a fox with a magic wand who wants answers. For starters, you’ve no idea how you got here, let alone why the reality of this place feels so scattered and warped. And who put this wand in your paw anyway?

Get ready for a top-down adventure game filled with secrets, puzzles, deadly traps and dangers but with no weapons in sight to be found. Instead of a sword, bow or a boomerang you have to rely on an mysterious wand you have stumbled upon. Lucky for you it's a wand that can do almost anything, if you can figure out how.

Wonder Wand

A outdated WIP-display of the game-play. A newer video is available on Steam.

Find your own solutions to progress through a non-linear world, dungeons filled with puzzles, unexpected events and side-quests/tracks. Discover power ups that unlock additional magical abilities. Master mechanics that trigger chain reactions with objects interacting with each other, and with your magic. And just because you don't have any weapons, it doesn't mean you can't put enemies in lethal situations in creative and hilarious ways.

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Great having you here! I've been working hard on this game for some time now with the feedback from friends and family. Now I want your thoughts and ideas on what this game should become. The game is still in a creative phase and I will consider any crazy idea you throw me, as well as feedback on what seems to work for you and what doesn't. I hope that you jump to the Discord server and join me on this journey and help me make this game as good as it can be. Anyone contributing to making this game a reality will be credited in the game.

Wonder Wand - Walk animation

Currently I'm reworking the pixel art to better reflect what the finished game will look like.

So far I've been doing this entirely without a budget. It is hard to reach out and compete with big productions and devs with established networks. If you know people, groups, channels or whatever you think would be interested in the game, I'm super happy if you share this page with them. Wishlisting the game on Steam helps a lot by making the Steam algorithm pick it up and show it to more people.


Click here to join the discord channel. It's up to you if you just want to lurk around anonymously or get involved and spam me with DMs. I'm sharing development updates, gifs/screenshots, near plans for the game and occasional unofficial builds. Discord is my primary channel for communication.

Try it out!

Below is a WIP-version (or a "pre-demo-demo") with about 15-20 minutes of game-play. This might be in earlier stages and less polished than most are used to, and not something I'm prepared to share on platforms such as Steam yet. You'll notice obvious flaws such as poor level design, incomplete programmer graphics, various quirks, and possible bugs. That being said, it's good enough to demonstrate what the game is set out to be and I hope you'll enjoy it.

The WebGL is currently only supported in desktop browsers. It'll probably start but without any input support on your mobile device.
🌐Play NOW in your browser


The development has taken an exciting turn. Work has begun on a level editor / maker that started as a side project but has now become highest priority. The maker will allow you to create your own multi-room levels with all the objects and mechanics available in the game.

Wonder Wand Maker Early prototype of the maker in action.

You'll be able to share your creations with others and play levels created by others, from in-game lists, web-links and codes. It will be released to the public when a minimal set of features and UI are in place, and then improved with new features alongside the game development.

The Maker will be available free to download on Steam and itch.io. Join the Discord to be get pre-release access.

Play everywhere

The game is constantly built and tested on consoles to ensure that it will run smoothly on all platforms and is ready for simultaneous release on all platforms.

Nintendo Switch Playstation 4 Playstation 5 Xbox Series X/S Xbox One

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Contact me at niklas.b3rg🐵gmail.com (🐵 is my high tech spam protection). Don't be shy. If you have e-mailed me in the past without a reply, please try with this email-adress. A missconfiguration made all email to wonderwand🐵niklasberg.se to silently get lost.

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